Priority’s compostable wrapping services:

  • Leaflets, catalogues, brochures and more

  • A6 to A3 sizes

  • Up to 13 additional items

  • Standard or compostable wrap

  • Inkjet data addressing and graphics

  • Complex jobs and short runs

  • Automated and hand mail fulfilment

  • Camera matching and verification

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Compostable wrapping is a great way to protect your marketing from wear in transit and it also adds a professional finishing touch.

Using our state-of-the-art Sitma machines, we can wrap up to 1.8 million items each week.

Compostable wrapping is the preferred method of choice for many businesses. Compostable wrap is lightweight, it also protects your mailings from wear and moisture in transit and adds a professional finishing touch. Wrapping can be used for many different mailings in a whole range of sizes, from A6 to A3.

Furthermore, wrapping machines, such as the Sitma equipment used in our business, can cope with high-volume, short-notice requirements. 

At Priority, our wrap is made from potato starch and contains no plastic and zero plastisicers. This is now used in 75% of our wrappings. It incurs a higher cost than polythene but customers are increasingly demanding this kind of sustainable solution. As a responsible business, we are keen to give our customers the choice.

Bio-Plast 300 film is 100% home compostable, and it complies to BSEN13432 which is the European standard for Industrial Composting. It is certified by TUV, as fully Home Compostable. TUV has a strict set of rules governing the way we make this product, to ensure it meets the criteria for Home and Industrial Composting.